April 2022 Reading Wrap-Up

Sunday, May 1, 2022


image showing the covers of the books I read in April 2022

It has been a while since I have done any type of monthly wrap-up, but for whatever reason, I was in the mood to do it for April. I have been slowly having this need to read something really dark begin to creep up on me so I thought it would probably be a good idea to get in some picture books before diving into the darkness to help balance things out. Now I want to read more picture books....AND read something dark. So if things get too dark, I have a way to brighten them back up immediately. 

This is what I read in April of 2022:

Rain Before Rainbows by Smriti Prasadam-Halls & illustrated by David Litchfield

  • ★★★★★ 5/5 - Absolutely beautiful book. It has been added to my physical book wishlist. 

What If... by Samantha Berger & illustrated by Mike Curato

  • ★★☆☆☆ 2.5/5 - Boring and basic. I wasn't a fan of the illustrations either.

My Best Friend by Julie Fogliano & illustrated by Jillian Tamaki
  • ★★★★★ 5/5 - Super cute and sweet. Another book I have added to my physical book wishlist.

A Way with Wild Things by Larissa Theule & illustrated by Sara Palacios
  • ★★★★☆ 4/5 - This gave me cute warm and fuzzy feelings. 

Interstellar Cinderella by Deborah Underwood & illustrated by Meg Hunt
  • ★★★★☆ 4/5 - A cool, modern Cinderella re-telling. 

Life by Cynthia Rylant & illustrated by Brendan Wenzel
  • ★★★★★ 5/5 - Stunningly beautiful illustrations paired with a story that feels more directed towards struggling adults than kids. 

Library Mouse 3-5 (A World To Explore, A Museum Adventure, & Home Sweet Home) by Daniel Kirk
  • ★★★★☆ 4/5 - Listen, I'm a sucker for books with mice as characters. 

  • ★★★★★ 5/5 - I loved this book. I wrote a full review of this you can read here.

  • ★★★★☆ 4.5/5 - Honestly did not expect this one to hit me as hard as it did. 

If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch & narrated by Tai Sammons 
  • ★★★★☆ 4/5 - First audiobook I have listened to in a long time. This book is deceptive. I thought it was going to be dark....but had no idea how dark of a turn it would truly take. 

  • ★★★☆☆ 3.5/5 - This was a Goodreads Giveaway win. I like the gentler approach to dealing with clutter and making your space less stressful.

Lore Olympus: Volume One by Rachel Smythe
  • ★★★★★ 5/5 - Picked this up while at my local library after seeing it EVERYWHERE. It lived up to the hype.

Reilly's Luck by Louis L'Amour
  • ★★★★☆ 4/5 - Not a genre I have ever sought out nor an author I have read anything by...but I have repeatedly been recommended L'Amour's books over the years. Since I am trying to expand what genres I am reading, I thought it would be the perfect time to finally give westerns and Louis L'Amour a chance. I don't regret it.

A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay
  • ★★★★☆ 4/5 - Another book/author I have seen hyped up (usually in the horror community). Not the greatest thriller I have read, but still solid. I'm currently reading another book by Tremblay...look forward to my thoughts on it next month (if I don't do a full review).

So, there we are. I read fourteen books during the month of April. I also watched one movie only to find out when logging it on IMDB and letterboxd that I had already seen it years ago. Needless to say....it was rather forgettable.