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Wondermajica is open to requests to review various genres of books. I also enjoy reviewing games, apps, websites, and products. I have a contact page, but you can also send requests to

Review Conditions/Information:

- While I do try to take care of requests quickly (usually within two weeks), delays may happen. Please keep this in mind.

- Reviews will be posted here on Wondermajica, Goodreads (if applicable), IMDB (if applicable), and Amazon. They are also additionally shared on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook (both personal and official blog page).

- I do not post "fake" reviews. If you are expecting a guaranteed glowing review, this is not the blog for you. If I do not like the book/movie/product, I will be mentioning it. I also like to make readers aware of potential trigger warnings the content may have (or in the case of products, sensitivities/allergy warnings).

- I reserve the right to cancel reviews at any time. As mentioned above, I try to complete all requests. However, if I am unable to finish the book/movie or have life interrupt, I may have to cancel the review. This is a rarity, but please be aware of the possibility.

. - I read on a Kindle so if you are planning on sending an ebook, please send it in .mobi format. Physical copies are also welcomed.

- If requesting to review a beauty type product, please keep in mind that I have very sensitive skin and prefer products that are natural, organic, and environmentally and animal-friendly. I will review products that do not meet these standards, but it is not guaranteed.

- When sending requests, please include the preferred time period you would like the review posted and any links/information you want to be included. Please also let me know if you want me to send a link to the finished post.

- If I do not think you have read my review policy, I will NOT be accepting your request.

Preferred Genres:

I will read/watch just about anything. However, I do tend to prefer Science Fiction, Fantasy, Health, True Crime, Animated, and Paranormal Romance. I read Children's, Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult, and so on.

Blog Stats/Social Network Reach:

As of  Monday, August 23rd, 2021, our stats/followers are:

Wondermajica (blog): 3000+ Monthly visits, 300-1000+ views per post on average
Pinterest: 28.3k monthly viewers,  2,655 Followers, 1.6k Engaged, 30.63k Impressions
Facebook: 28 Followers (on page), 215 Friends
Goodreads: 112 Friends
Amazon: Reviewer Ranking #1,463,044 10,000+ views on Reviews, 64 Helpful Votes, 242 Hearts
Twitter: 66 Followers, 500+ monthly impressions
Instagram: 60 Followers