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Wondermajica is open to requests to review various genres of books. I also enjoy reviewing games, apps, websites, and products. I have a contact page, but you can also send requests to

Below you can find basic information on how to request a review, my conditions for writing a review, and my recent blog stats.

Review Conditions/Information:

- While I do try to take care of requests quickly, delays happen. I struggle with both mental and physical health issues. Please keep this in mind. 

- Reviews will be posted here on Wondermajica, Goodreads, Storygraph, and Amazon. They are also additionally shared on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

- I do not post "fake" reviews. If you expect a guaranteed glowing review, this is not your blog. If I do not like the book, I will mention it. I also like to inform readers of the content's potential trigger warnings when applicable. 

- I reserve the right to cancel reviews at any time. As mentioned above, I try to complete all requests. However, if I cannot finish the book/movie or have a life interruption, I may have to cancel the review. This is a rarity, but please be aware of the possibility.

 - I read on a Kindle, so if you are planning on sending an ebook, please send it in epub format. 

- When sending requests, please include the preferred time period you would like the review posted and any links/information you want to be included. Please also let me know if you want me to send a link to the finished post.

Preferred Genres:

I will read/watch just about anything. However, I currently prefer science fiction, fantasy, and true crime. In addition, I read Children's, Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult, and so on.

Blog Stats/Social Network Reach:

As of  February 17th, 2023, our stats/followers are as follows:

Wondermajica (blog):  Approximately 2500 Monthly visits on average, 200-800+ views per post on average
Pinterest: 8.87k monthly views,  2.62k Followers
Goodreads: 338 Friends, 120 reviews, 1114 ratings (3.75 avg)
Twitter: 76 Followers
Instagram: 119 Followers