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Monday, November 6, 2017

cover of Not Everything Dies by John Patrick Kennedy

Join Princess Ruxandra, as she continues to exist in a world that is brutal and cruel and terrifying, but you’ll love to follow her through it. A slave to her own fears and desires, sometimes, but at her core, good. A gorgeous, complicated immortal, who loves art and beauty, and who risks herself to save the innocent time and time again. (Goodreads)

Regardless of all of its flaws, I actually enjoyed Princess Dracula. The same can not be said for book two in the series, Not Everything Dies. All of the characters come off as childish and immature. The complete naivety of Ruxandra is absolutely ridiculous and the cop-out of using a spell as the reason for her complete stupidity just did not work for me. 

If I wanted a whiny mess, I would have reread a much better young adult novel. Do not get me started on all of the plot holes in this one. Anyone with the ability to think could easily tear this book apart. This has me concerned for the next in the series and I sincerely hope that this was just another case of an author having a bad book two.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 2/5

Book & Author Information: Goodreads

Published:  March 10th, 2017

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