Destiny (Der müde Tod) - MotM Review

Sunday, October 29, 2017

After Death takes her love, a young woman manages to convince him to give her an opportunity to bring her fiance back to life.

Although it drags a bit in the beginning and in my opinion is not Fritz Lang's best, this was actually a very good film. The story is a little predictable at times and due to the way it is told, there are some questionable moments involving the stereotyping of multiple cultures. The way it was filmed though was amazing. The tinting was beautiful and fit perfectly. I also feel like I could easily fangirl over how Lang uses stairs in not just Destiny, but all of his films. They are never just stairs and instead are used to help portray the mood of the moment in the movie (from ominous to sad or even peaceful). During the early parts that dragged, I found myself feeling a little disappointed but by the end, I was almost in tears at how powerful some of the scenes and actions were. This is definitely a must-watch for anyone who loves cinema.

Rating: 8/10
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