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I used to love blogging but eventually got burnt out and stopped. After a few years though, I felt a strong urge to start sharing my thoughts again. That's when I decided to create Wondermajica! At first, I only reviewed movies and books, but then I added album reviews too. When I wanted to make lists, I realized that my current platform (Tumblr) just wasn't cutting it. So, I ended up coming back to Blogger.

After several years, a refresh was needed, and the blog's name was changed from Skuggi Drago to Wondermajica.

If you want to know more about the primary author of Wondermajica (Sarah), check out my author page.

Types of Posts

I admit to having the tendency to post whatever comes to mind. Nevertheless, the majority of my posts revolve around book and movie reviews. I also take pleasure in occasionally reviewing albums and products, as well as creating themed lists or sharing things that bring me joy.

Rating Scale

You can check out my rating scale and find out how I decide how to rate things.

Will you review ______?

If you have something you would like for me to read, watch, listen to, or try for a review, feel free to contact me using my contact page and let me know. You should check out my review policy first, though. 

I have a question or suggestion...

Cool! I would love to hear it. Send it to me using my contact page. I usually reply within a day or two.