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I have been blogging for a long time but I stopped after being burnt out. After some time had passed I began to notice this urging need for a new place to work on sharing what I think about things. This would lead to the beginning of what Wondermajica has become. I started out just doing reviews of movies and books. Then I started adding the occasional album review. When I decided I also wanted to make lists, I realized that my current home at the time (Tumblr) was not capable of doing everything I wanted it to do. That is how I found myself back on Blogger.

After several years, a refresh was needed and the name of the blog was changed from Skuggi Drago to Wondermajica.

If you want to know more about the main author of Wondermajica (Sarah), check out my author page. If you want to know more about who helps edit my blog, check out Alishia's page.

Types of Posts

I have a habit of just posting what I feel like posting. The content tends to be mostly reviews of books and movies though. However, I also love reviewing albums and products as well. I also really love coming up with themed lists every now and then or just sharing things I love. Occasionally I post recipes and they usually tie in with an event or review I am doing. 

Rating Scale

You can check out my rating scale and find out how I decide what to rate things by going here.


Most of the tags explain themselves. For movies, books and music I usually try to include the genre they fall under. Short and quick reviews are either labeled sleepy review or quick review. Special posts that are part of a series have their own tag as well. (Songs of the Month = sotm)

Will you review ______?

If you have something you would like for me to read, watch, listen to, or try for a review, feel free to contact me using our contact page and let me know. You should check out my Review Policy first though. 

I have a question/suggestion...

Cool! I would love to hear it. Send it to me using my contact page. I usually reply within a day or two.