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Types of Posts

I have a habit of just posting what I feel like posting. The content tends to be mostly reviews of book and movies though. However, I also love reviewing albums and products as well. I also really love coming up with themed lists every now and then or just sharing things I love. Occasionally I post recipes and they usually tie in with an event or review I am doing. 

Rating Scale

You can check out my rating scale and find out how I decide what to rate things by going here.


Most of the tags explain themselves. For movies, books and music I usually try to include the genre they fall under. Short and quick reviews are either labeled sleepy review or quick review. Special posts that are part of a series have their own tag as well. (Songs of the Month = sotm)

Will you review ______?

If you have something you would like for me to read, watch, listen to, or try for a review, feel free to contact me using our contact page and let me know. You should check out my Review Policy first though.

I have a question...

Cool! I would love to hear it. Send it to me using my contact page. I usually reply within a day or two.