Making Friends With Monsters by Sandra L. Rostirolla - Book Review

Monday, May 22, 2023

image with a red and black background showing the cover of Making Friends With Monsters by Sandra L. Rostirolla

*I received an E-ARC of this book. All opinions are my own.*

From the viewpoint of middle child Sam, a struggling farming family deals with numerous traumatic events. As the family experiences more and more unfortunate circumstances, a tragic accident threatens to tear them apart. From the award-winning author, Sandra L. Rostirolla, comes a painfully realistic view of how our inner monsters can take over. 

As we follow along, Sam goes from acknowledging others' "monsters" to learning more and more about them and how to confront his own. Additionally, the ongoing mystery of what caused some of the bad energy in his home is slowly being revealed. This all leads to a truly heartbreaking discovery that shows just how desperate our monsters can really make us. 

It was very challenging for me to read this book. I would strongly advise reading the trigger and content warnings before trying this one if you struggle with mental health issues. In my own life, I battle depression. I found this book so hard to read because of just how real it portrayed that struggle. I can definitely say that it is probably the best depiction of depression in a book that I have read so far. The author's ability to capture the complexity of the emotions and thoughts that come with depression is truly remarkable. It was both comforting and challenging to read a book that so accurately reflected my own experiences with mental health. I could see myself in multiple family members at different points in my own life. It made me feel seen, which is not something I experience often.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 4.5/5

Should you read it?

Making Friends With Monsters is a powerful book that realistically depicts mental illness. I think everyone should read it --HOWEVER-- please be mindful and take care of yourself. If you think this book may trigger you, skip it or save it for later. 

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Published: Published April 4, 2023

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