Six years of Wondermajica

Friday, June 17, 2022

 As of this week, Wondermajica is now six years old. I started, not having much of an idea of what exactly I wanted to do, and that still hasn't changed. I would like to think that I have improved in that period, but imposter syndrome is a heck of a thing to ignore.

I have had different types of posts in the past six years. I have mostly done reviews, but what I have reviewed has changed over time. I'm now back to the point where I just review what I want instead of what I think might bring in more views. I'm still working on not being hard on myself for the quality of my writing and how often post. I have made promises of different types of content that would never appear thanks to my lack of motivation and mental health struggles. Plus, if I am truly being honest, I am just so moody and changeable that my interests and ideas just....come and go way too quickly for me to properly form them into something substantial. I have learned that the easiest way to bury an idea I have for something is to talk about it publically. As soon as other people know my brain decides I can't do it anymore. The imaginary pressure I put on myself just becomes too much.

Even though I have spent way too much time putting unnecessary stress on myself due to this blog, I am proud of myself for keeping it going this long. It is proof that I can stick to something even if it gets tough.

So what's next?

I just mentioned that when I publically talk about things it shuts down all motivation to do the things. So as for content...I'm gonna keep that to myself for now. However, there are a few things I can go ahead and talk about. 

A couple of years ago I finally changed the blog layout to something that works better both visually and for SEO purposes. The problem with this was that I had 4 years' worth of posts that no longer were properly formatted. I have never had an issue with this in the past on previous blogs so I was unsure what to do about this and the result was...nothing. So for the last 2 years, images from old posts have been wonky and covering up some of the text and just overall looking outdated. I have mentioned tackling this issue in the past, but it is still not something I have completed. I could not decide if I should just fix the images or if I should completely rework the post (which is why there have been several reposts over the past few years). So, long story short, I'm back to fixing that problem. 

Posts that just need images fixed will just have the images fixed. However, if the format is also wonky (from all the styles I have gone through over the years) or I'm just not satisfied with the quality of the post, it will either be deleted or reposted. I want the blog to get back to a place where I am proud to show it to people. I don't want to worry about people looking at the messy posts and forming their opinion just on those. There is also a profile issue. I started this blog using a different account. That old account no longer exists, which means that old posts written under that account have no author anymore. So all of those also need to be fixed. So yeah, there will be a regular occurrence of reposts for the next bit, but don't worry! I will still be posting new stuff and I'm going to do my best to space out the reposts so they are not back to back. 

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