Starting Over (kinda)

Friday, August 14, 2020

Okay, so obviously things are VERY different. For the first time in several years, there is a new layout and there's a new blog name...allow me to explain. Anyone who has followed this blog knows all about my mental health and writing blocks that lead to extended hiatuses. I love writing, but have zero confidence in myself. I started blogging to help with this and my issues with expressing my opinions (I suck at it). Over the years I have tried so many things and changed the types of things I write about. I put unneeded stress on myself trying to stick to a certain niche, schedule, or style...and trying to be perfect...ugh. This has led to my love of blogging being drained and twisted into a chore. So....I took a much-needed break. Several times over the past few months I have prepared to come back...but I repeatedly fell back into old habits and ideas would die out before even being given a chance. Before Skuggi Drago, I had another, mostly personal blog. There, I posted whatever I felt like, opinions, emo poetry, etc...I did not worry so much about the format or having everything look super professional or perfect. I didn't stress out over the statistics and how successful each post was (or wasn't). I want to go back to that mentality. I want to go back to enjoying blogging and sharing my thoughts and opinions about things. 

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This left me at a crossroads. What do I do with Skuggi Drago? Do I just continue to post here or should I start 100% fresh? In the past, when moving to a new blog, I have always regretted how much work from my previous one would be lost. I would spend hours sorting through posts....trying to decide what to move to my new home. I don't want to do that'm staying here. However, the name "Skuggi Drago" just did not feel right anymore. It always felt a little weird (I suck at coming up with names for things) and never seemed to completely fit. It also felt like a chapter was it seemed fitting to find a new name: Wondermajica

Yes...once again I mish-mashed things together. The people who know me well know exactly what this name means and how much better it represents me. Now the only problem left to face was all the broken links that I would have to update. I don't wanna deal with that. So...the blogger address stays the same, but the name and domain get the new name. This means that all old skuggidrago.blogspot links will still work and redirect properly.

Wondermajica is intended to be a bit more personal. No schedule, no set series. Just complete and utter controlled chaos😆. As I adjust to a new layout, there are bound to be hiccups and I still need to update ALL of the pages. However, this fresh start feels right and I look forward to sharing more of myself and the things I wanted to talk about...but didn't.

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