January 2020 Coffee Break - Poll Results & Twilight Spotlight Update

Monday, January 13, 2020

So last year was a mess that I have yet to fully recover from. I lost all interest in writing reviews and planned on transitioning to longer format posts. However, my lack of confidence in my writing ability destroyed those plans pretty quick. I considered (multiple times) just closing down the blog completely and starting new somewhere else. Blogger is where I have most of my blogging experience, but other platforms work better when it comes to managing/growing a following and receiving feedback. I'm currently trying to learn how to use Wordpress and if/when I feel I have figured out how to properly run a blog there, I will most likely move Skuggi Drago there (an announcement would be made, don't worry).

I keep having moments of inspiration to write book reviews, but then when I get started my brain shuts down. I planned on having a couple new Twilight Spotlights up by now...but I have somehow lost/misplaced ALL of my notes. Therefore...I'm starting from scratch, which sucks and is the reason it is taking so long.

In the last Coffee Break post, I added a poll asking what I should focus on. I would like to quickly thank everyone who voted in the poll, any feedback I can get is wonderful. According to the results, what you want the most are more book reviews, lists, and Twilight Spotlights. This, along with an unannounced project I am working on, will be what I focus on writing this year. I know it is taking forever for proper posts to come back and I just want to say to those who keep coming back to the blog regularly: Thank you, and I am sorry. I do not see things ever being as active as they used to be, but I am hoping to post higher quality posts when I do write.

As for now, you can look forward to my annual wrap up (very late I know) within the next couple of days. Unlike other promises, I can confirm this is actually ready to go up right now, I'm just finishing up the graphics.

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