2018 Wrap-Up: Music

Saturday, January 26, 2019

More delayed than usual, this is part three of my 2018 Wrap-Up. I wasn't sure how to do this part. For previous years, I broke it up into songs, discoveries, and albums. However, as with pretty much everything, I tuned out a bit in 2018 and instead of listening to new albums and artists, found myself looking back and spending quite a bit of time with Billie Holiday.
Many of my favorites released tons of music (Amber Liu, BTS) but I just felt a little disconnected from much of it. Since I spend a lot of my time listening to K-pop, fandoms (and the toxicity of many individuals in them) is unavoidable and I have admitted in the past that things like toxic fandoms and fanwars tend to suck the enjoyment out of it for me. When this starts really annoying me, I usually pull back and take a break from things and I think the break in 2018 just ended up being longer than expected. (I've been trying to put all of my thoughts on this topic into words for a few months now...maybe one day I will post it.) I also feel that I'm in need of something new. This happens every few years...but I'm struggling to find what it is my brain wants. Anyways, instead of listing anything for this final part of my very late wrap-up, I created a playlist featuring my favorite songs released during the year. The songs are in order of being released (or having the mv uploaded). However, I will mention that my top three of the year is as follows:

  1. Rain Rain Rain by Park Kiyoung
  2. New Heroes by Ten
  3. Lost At Sea by Amber Liu

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