Snacks for the Hungry Reader

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

So you have decided to spend some relaxing time reading that book you have been meaning to get to for a while now and have just found the most comfortable position to do so in. Then it happens. A tiny grumble grows into a roar and your mouth becomes dry. What do you do? Stop everything so you can tame the beastly hunger that has suddenly appeared or quickly grab something to eat while you continue to read? What danger lurks in the choices made by those of us who NEED the food but are unable to put down the book? Below are some options for the hungry reader and what dangers they may face.

Although not a choice I often hear about, I thought it would be best, to begin with my personal favorite reading snack. I would not suggest eating with syrup or honey because of the potential stickiness that could ruin your life. Chocolate chip is the best because it does not need either of those things and while it does contain a little chocolate, it is not too messy.

The obvious threat here has to do with the high possibility of your book or e-reader experiencing a flooding rain of crumbs. However, beware the additional sneaky threat of melting chocolate or candy leaving residue and smears.

Some would say this is too dangerous to ever attempt. Things like melted icing and falling sprinkles plus the rainfall of crumbs make this an option only true professionals should try. However, there are safer options like tea cake for those of you who need to fulfill a craving for this delectable snack.

Muffins are basically slightly healthier cupcakes without the icing. Raining crumbs are still a problem.

To be perfectly honest, I am questioning why I would ever recommend such a potential monster. A hurricane of crumbs shall insue if you make this dangerous mistake choice.

If it is chocolate, you are doomed. If it has the slightest chance of becoming sticky, you are doomed.

A great option for the more health-conscious human being, just watch out for the ones that may attack you with their juices.

One of the best and healthiest choices as long as they are not covered in salt or chocolate.
Not too horribly dangerous as long as it is not drenched in butter, oil, cheese, chocolate (what?), or pretty much any toppings you would normally put on popcorn. However, caramel popcorn would definitely be a good idea.

Crumbs and oily/cheesy fingers make books feel very depressed. Don't do that to them.

A great healthy option that far too many do not think of. Like the fruit, watch out for the ones that could attack you with their juices.

Trail Mix
Dried fruit is the best fruit to eat while reading because you do not have to worry about a sudden juice downpour. Nuts are really great too. Combine them together with some seeds and you have a wonderful treat that satisfies both the need for sweet and savory options. Try not to be tempted by the types that have candy though.

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