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 Sometimes you just need to reach out to someone for guidance. It could be love, friendship, work, or just the inner workings of your mind...these things can be confusing at times. My goal is to help you with these issues. Together, with the assistance of tarot, we can hopefully find a solution or just a general direction for you. Even if it means just feeling heard, I hope to be able to leave you feeling a bit brighter.

Book a Reading: KofiCashapp, or Paypal *Please message me via my contact form before doing this to request a reading*

Free Readings: 1 available (more details below)

Disclaimer: I use tarot and oracle cards to help provide guidance to others. I do not predict the future, and I am not psychic. My assistance should NOT be used in place of professional counseling or medical help.

General Information about Free Readings


I am a beginner who has been studying/dabbling in tarot for a couple years. 
The purpose of providing free readings is to gather feedback to help me learn and gain experience. If you are not willing to provide feedback: PLEASE REFRAIN FROM SENDING A REQUEST.
Please mention “Glitch Mode” in your request so that I know you read this.

Disclaimer & Terms for Free Reading:

By requesting a free reading, you agree to provide detailed feedback. Readings will be delivered via message unless another contact source is provided (ex: email). I have the right to refuse any reading request. If the topic of your question is something I do not feel like I can help you with, I will kindly let you know and try to help you find an alternative. 

You acknowledge that my Tarot readings are not a substitute for licensed medical, legal, business, financial, therapeutic, or other health care service, nor any other professional advice for which I am not qualified.

How it works:

Send me a message (sarah@wondermajica.com or use my contact form) detailing your request. The more detail you can provide about your question, the better. Handy things include your name (yourself and other involved parties), birth dates, and what you hope to get out of the reading. This is not required, though.

Once I have received your request, I may contact you for additional details/clarifications about what you are asking to ensure I understand. I may also adjust the question to suit my reading type (we will talk about this if I do). 

After the details and questions have been decided/shared, I will do my best to complete the reading within a few days. Upon delivery, you can ask a few additional questions if you have them (within reason, keep in mind this is free), and then I ask that you provide feedback about the reading overall.


The following reviews were provided off this site (primarily by email). 

Britney: "You were spot on with it all, you're really talented and intuitive and really I want to say a big big big thank you for this. I'll surely follow what you've told me. As they say; the cards never lie."

Zella: "This is such a detailed reading, thank you so much! Even though it's not positive, it's exactly what I needed to hear tbh. It's about time I focus on myself. Thanks for your time and effort, and for doing it for free!"

Oona: "Overall I really liked your reading, it was a nice wake-up call for me. And I appreciate that you made it quite lengthy."

Celeste: "The reading was good thank you"

Kayla: " I'm extremely grateful for your reading. It put some of the feelings I've been having into perspective and I think you did an amazing job interpreting my life! "