Rating Scale

purple banner with light purple stars that states Rating Scale: How I Decide and what it means

Books, Music, & Products

1 = Horrible, absolute waste of time
2 = Bad/Boring
3 = Okay/Average
4 = Really good
5 = Amazing, life-changing, super high quality

Movies & TV

0-1 = Horrible
2-3 = Really Bad
4-5 = Meh, possibly bad but somehow entertaining, below average
6-7 = Average, has some flaws, good effort
7-8 = Above Average, may have some minor complaints
9-10 = Pretty Awesome

How I rate:

The most important factor in my ratings is how much I enjoy whatever I'm reviewing. That being said, I try to keep the product's quality in mind. Even when I don't like something, I may give it a high rating because of things like beautiful cinematography, excellent writing, and production. Similarly, things I really enjoy may receive a lower rating due to a scarcity of those things. This is because I consider individual elements (such as the story and characters) before considering the big picture.