A bit of random: State Farm Commercials

Sunday, August 30, 2020


A bit of random is just that... a few random thoughts that have been hanging out in my head. It could be a rant, opinion, or something I think is really cool.

As someone who listens to an insane amount of music, it is probably a surprise to absolutely no one that I use Spotify...A LOT. I am too cheap to spend out the money for premium...so I hear ads. I don't mind it except for when it freezes up and then I have to restart the app (especially on my laptop...takes forever). I usually tune out most advertisements that they play. I really like it when they promote new artists or recommended...but the point of telling anyone any of this is that there is a series of ads that I absolutely can not stand and make me want to scream: The State Farm song covers.

I HATE THAT THESE EXIST. There are far more important issues going on in the world, I know...but I REALLY need someone to delete all of them from the universe. I do not appreciate them ruining good songs.