Coffee Break: May - July 2019

Sunday, July 21, 2019

So, I haven’t posted a Coffee Break since April. This is where I insert the reminder that I have periods in which my mental health just kinda sucks. So yeah, I retreated to my cave for a bit and that interrupted many plans. I also now have almost three months of stuff to talk this is gonna be a long one.


Surprisingly, I read quite a bit during my most recent hiatus. At one point I found myself right on schedule to meet my goal of 100 books this year. That didn’t last long though, and as of writing this, I am back to being around 6 books behind (totally doable). I am currently reading three books:  A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived by Adam RutherfordDaisy’s War by Scott Baron and Life and Other Near-Death Experiences by Camille Pagan.

Movies & Television:

I just haven’t been in the mood to watch anything new recently and have been spending most of my “tv time” on classic shows. However, I did discover a kids’ show called Molang that is the purest and most uplifting thing in existence. I also came to terms with many shows I have spent too much time on...and began dropping them. Riverdale is a mess, I suck at finishing things so I have zero plans of watching the final seasons of Game of Thrones or Gotham, and I just completely lost interest in Umbrella Academy (sorry Alishia). Other shows on the chopping block that I have yet to make a decision about include Supernatural and Supergirl (which makes me sad).
I have been enjoying the resurgence of half-hour sitcoms though. It is just so nice to be able to watch something that doesn’t take up a full hour of my time. The majority of what I have been watching recently has just been...Star Trek. ALL the Star Trek. OG, Next Gen, Discovery...even Deep Space Nine (which, much like Discovery, I fail to understand why it gets so much hate). I also really love the new Classic Doctor Who channel on Pluto I’m in nerd overdrive/heaven.

My situation with movies has been about the same as with tv. Its been mostly rewatches except for The Giant Pear (which I reviewed), Overboard (2018) (which I also reviewed, surprising right?), Stargate, and a Gnome Named Gnorm (which I might get around to reviewing eventually).


I have mentioned in previous Coffee Breaks this year that I have just felt a bit distant from many of the artists I have been listening to and looking back, I think this should have served as a warning sign of the impending dark depression I was heading into. Everything just sounded a bit blah...even though it wasn’t. Since my last post, BTS had a huge comeback. Initially, I was put off by the inclusion of Halsey in the title track (I’ve not been a fan of any of the previous collaborations with American artists) and I still dislike the music video version of the song. However, the album version that features more of Halsey’s voice is actually really good…and I now feel bad for ever doubting BTS. Speaking of  Halsey, I love her new song Nightmare. It has been stuck in my head for well over a month now...and I am still not sick of it. My favorite (active) girl group, CLC released their first digital single with “Me” and of course I love it. TXT released music videos for the songs “Cat & Dog” and “Nap of a Star”. MXMS released the ep Funeral Pop 1 which includes my current song obsession “Salvation Hurts” and my favorite Japanese group, BiSH has released multiple amazing songs. Please note that this is nowhere near everything musical related I want to talk about (amazing comebacks by GOT7, Red Velvet, Stray Kids...etc) but I would rather not have this post just be about music (because I would never stop). I am going to have a post this weekend that will serve as music spam to get everything out of my system though.

Blog News:

Finally, what this post is supposed to be about. There’s not much happening post wise. I am torn between trying to hold off from posting anything so that I have a large queue to rely on and keeping the blog active. I am planning on having at least one book review and the next installment of Twilight Spotlight going up in August. Will any of this happen? We shall see…

I also think it is safe to announce that some dramatic changes will be happening over the next few months (if things work out). The style of the blog has always just been randomly thrown together without too much thought. We have also been using a free theme that I have had to alter quite a bit due to it being just a tad bit broken. So, hopefully, sooner than later, the layout will be changing. I do not have an exact date for when this will be happening, but I will update as soon as things are ready. It should still feel a bit familiar, just a little more personal and cozy (which brings me to my next topic).

I have mentioned in the past that I would like to add a more personal touch to the blog with personal posts and rants. This is finally sort of in the works. I know this can make the blog a little confusing. We post book reviews, but we aren’t really a book blog. We post movie reviews, but we aren’t really a movie blog...etc. We post a lot of different things and I know that if we stuck to a specific niche, the blog would probably be more successful. However, I have always just tried to post what I want. I forget this sometimes and try to be more professional about it now and then...but it is just not for me. Because of this, I’m just gonna post what I want, and that includes rants and storytimes that I will probably regret.

One of the last bit of blog news, for now, is that we have FINALLY created an official twitter for the blog. Previously I was just using my account, which meant I had to be mindful of what I was posting/liking/retweeting, but now you can follow @skuggidrago for blog updates and posts from both Alishia and myself. Next should be an official Instagram...but considering how long it took us with Twitter...ugh...yikes. Speaking of Alishia, she’s working on some stuff. She should make a rare appearance via a book review within the next few weeks.