Coffee Break - April 2019

Monday, April 1, 2019

March was not a good month. I spent the first half sick with some sort of stomach flu. As I was beginning to feel better, two of my cats also became sick. Then I fell into a depressive funk that just did not want to let up. All of this led to me being pretty nonexistent online last month. I just did not feel like doing anything at I didn't.

The last few days have been better though and I have started to get caught up with everything I got behind on. While I did not post much in March, I did read and watch a few movies (which I will summarise my quick thoughts on below). I mentioned last month (mostly as a reminder for myself) that although I have plans...things change and that is totally okay. March decided to go on and be a wonderful example of this.

March Reads:

I read five books during the month of March and I am currently five books behind schedule on my yearly goal of 100. I posted really short quick reviews for two of them (Pushing Daisy, and The Woman in the Strongbox) and I have completed a full review of another that will be going up next week (FIX FEAR). The last two books I read were A Spy's Guide to Thinking by John Braddock and The Stones, The Crows, The Grass, The Moon by Walter Kirn. I think that by the end of April I may actually get ahead of my goal since I have rediscovered the world of Amazon Singles and have found a series called Missing that I am enjoying.

March Watches:

I finally got around to watching Ralph Breaks the Internet (which I loved...and cried too much) and The House With A Clock in its Walls (which I also loved). I also continued to binge King of the Hill even though I am slowly beginning to realize that I have already seen EVERY episode...somehow without knowing. New Hulu Original The Act has definitely gained my attention...even though the story it is based on is one of the most infuriating and frustrating things ever.

March Listens:

You know what I DIDN'T need...another group to follow...
March was a huge month for me when it comes to music. BTS's younger brother group TXT (Tomorrow x Together) finally debuted...and of course, I loved it. Speaking of BTS, they announced that they would be making a comeback in April and released the comeback trailer featuring RM. Back to talking about debuts...girl group Everglow came out of nowhere with a song that reminds me of older K-pop. MONSTA X's collab with Steve Aoki finally got a music video and so did Kerli's song Savages (which she released in December). After a ridiculous amount of time away, Park Bom finally returned with a song that features fellow former 2NE1 member Dara. Rammstein also made their return with new music, although I have not decided if I like the new single yet. One of my favorite Korean singers Subin also made a comeback, but I was unable to fully appreciate it due to the depressive funk that I was in. Other releases of note (in my opinion at least) include Kailee Morgue's collab with Haley Kiyoko "Headcase", Groovenom's "Du und Ich", Parting Gift's "3:07 Moonlight", and Stray Kids' "Miroh".

Monthly Playlist:


Plans for April:

My top goal for the blog is to finish and post the Twilight Zone list I have been working on since February. If I manage to get that done...I will be happy. I am also focused on getting completely caught up with my reading goal.

Posts Scheduled:
YoWindow Weather App Review

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