Ricola Herbal Immunity Gummies - Product Review

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

I was excited to try these because I tend to get sick very easily this time of year and their arrival happened to coincide with members of my family dealing with bad flu. I was surprised upon opening the package and finding seven gummies instead of the four it listed. The gummies look like candy. If you did not know what they were...you would just think they were sugar coated gumdrops. Inside of the packaging was quite a bit of loose sugar that had come off of the gummies. I found this to be a wee bit concerning. Biting into the first drop was...interesting. Ricola describes them (and refers to them) as gummies. They are NOT gummies. If anything, they should be called jellies and they reminded me of orange slice candy, only smoother and juicier.
I received the citrus flavor and it definitely does taste of citrus. To me, it came off as super sugary grapefruit juice. Remember the sugary coating I mentioned earlier? Yeah, these things do not just look like candy...they taste like it too - super, oversugared to the point of upsetting my stomach candy. But it works...right? Eh...kinda?
Before trying, I was beginning to exhibit signs of that flu that was going through my household. The day after (after having two gummies), I felt kind of miserable, completely drained of energy. I managed to force myself to finish off the remaining gummies over the course of the day (I gave one to Alishia to try), even though it added to nausea I was feeling. Day three after using the gummies, I slept...all day, but upon waking felt mostly okay. So, I am not sure if:

A. I was just sick and the gummies had no effect.
B. I was getting sick but they helped decrease/shorten the crappiness.
C. It was all in my head, all I did was eat candy and hibernate.

A nice, hot cup of tea..or you know...
oranges would be a much better
Rating: 2/5
Would I use it again? - Probably not.

I received a sample package of this product from PinchMe.