Coffee Break: February 2019

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Welcome to the February edition of Coffee Break, a monthly post that details what is going on with Skuggi Drago and what to look forward to (and a reminder that my brain insists on spelling it coffe for some reason).

Ah yes, temps in the single digits and less than half
an inch of snow..aka The Apocalypse.
It has been cold where I live (not as cold as Chicago thank goodness) and that means my brain is convinced I should hibernate and not do anything until it warms up again. Making plans and being lethargic do not go well together, especially when you are already sucky at managing time.

But before I get into what you can expect on the blog for February, I want to quickly “wrap-up” January’s activities and my progress with some of my goals.


I managed to read seven books in January, which keeps me pretty much on track for my goal of 100 for the year. My favorite read of the month (that I was going to review...until my need to hibernate struck) was Maid by Stephanie Land. It is a brutally honest (and yet hopeful) portrait of what it means to live in poverty in the United States. I definitely recommend it to everyone, even if nonfiction is not a genre you spend much time (if any) with. I also really enjoyed Thunder & Lightning by Lauren Redniss, which has one of the most interesting book formats I’ve ever seen. A mixture of weather-related history and absolutely stunning art, it makes you feel like you are reading a children’s book...for adults.

January Book Reviews:

You Are Not you by Simon Rosenberg
Daisy’s Run (The Clockwork Chimera #1) by Scott Baron

Film & Television:

I only watched one movie in January and it happens to be one of my favorite comedies of all time, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. As for TV...I spent the month catching up with several shows that I had fallen behind on last year (such as The Expanse). I’ve been excited about the return of Call the Midwife, The Magicians, and Star Trek: Discovery (yes, I’m the one person in the universe who likes it) but my winter hibernation is keeping me from enjoying them at the moment. I have also fallen in love with a new show, Deadly Class, that happens to be the only 80’s nostalgia project (thus far) that doesn’t make me want to scream in annoyance.

January Movie Reviews:

Alien Invasion: S.U.M.1
My Little Pony: The Movie


I always look forward to January releases from Korean artists. It is the one time of the year when the indie bands/singers and the less popular groups get to shine. Luna (from my all-time favorite girl group f(x)) released a single ep featuring three new beautiful songs. My GOT7 bias, JB also released a single “Be With You” that quickly became one of my favorite songs in January. I came upon a singer, Yuri who released two songs that blew me away with how amazing they were (omg the vocals). It is a shame her music is buried among SNSD’s Yuri on Spotify though. The insanely talented (and underrated) Astro came back with a more mature sound (that I love) and one of my favorite girl groups, CLC came back with yet another amazing mini-album. New releases from Kerli, Within Temptation and Kehlani, also helped make January a fantastic month for music.

Other Stuff:

2018 Wrap-Up for Movies, Books, & Music

Coming Soon:

I am almost done with the Twilight Zone, which means my list I have been working on should be up near the end of February. I have yet to decide if it will be one post or a just depends on how things go. I am also working on reviews for Peter Green and the Unliving Academy by Angelina Allsop, 4K Video Downloader, and Yo Window Weather. Hopefully, the hibernation problem will not interfere and I will be able to have more than what I have mentioned.

Currently binge watching: Twilight Zone Season Four &

Currently Reading: Victoria (What Hides Within #2) by Jason Parent and Pushing Daisy (The Chimera #2) by Scott Baron

Music Recommendation: Hikikomori by Bang Yongguk

Monthly Playlist:


Book Covers from Goodreads
Monty Python and the Holy Grail Movie Poster and Deadly Class Poster from IMDB
Jon Snow gif from Giphy
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Astro image from The Bias List (a really great blog btw)
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