Jelly Comb On Ear Headphones - Product Review

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Jelly Comb's foldable headphones are a decent, cheap option that suffers from multiple flaws.

The sound quality is very good considering these are from the cheaper end of the spectrum when it comes to headphones. I also love the color options available (the teal/purple combo is my personal favorite) and how sturdy the mic section of the cord is. I have had several horrible experiences with headphones that have a mic/volume button that just falls apart in your hands when you barely touch it. However, in my opinion, the best thing about the Jelly Comb design is the spring that protects the wire near the jack. The number one problem I have with wired headphones is how fast the wire near the connector wears out. This small, simple act of adding a spring extends the lifespan of wired headphones and I would love to see this as a normal feature on all similar products.

Unfortunately, regardless of the previously mentioned positives, Jelly Comb’s headphones have one major flaw that will probably keep me from purchasing from them again (or at the very least, not this model). The headband is just simply too fragile. I already mentioned how my biggest problem with wired headphones is that the wires wear out near the jack. NEVER have I ever had to buy a new set of headphones without this problem being present. I wear the suckers out until they are not able to be used anymore. However, after using my first set of these headphones for almost a year, the headband broke. I tried using tape (cuz everything can be fixed with good ol’ duct tape) but that leads to an issue with the headband jabbing into my head at the point where it was broken. Then I tried just removing the headband entirely. This left part of the string-like wiring exposed and meant that the headphones needed a bit of help from a ribbon/elastic headband to stay on my head. I was able to make this work for a month or two before the wire (that had been exposed) finally wore out.

I decided to give the model another shot with my next set of headphones. After all, the first set I bought had last me a full year (which for me is a big deal because I use them so much). My second set lasted barely a month before developing a weird issue that caused all sound to be echoey and weird. This left me a bit annoyed until I had probably the best customer service experience ever. I was immediately sent a replacement (3rd set). This third set has worked out pretty much the same as my first set (I’m using them as I am working on this review) with one exception...the headband is already breaking again. In the pictures, you can see that the design of the headband has two bars. One of the bars serves as a way to hide the wire and the other is just...there. Thankfully the first bar to break this time is the one without the wire under it. However, that other, more important bar is slowly developing cracks in the it is only a matter of time before I am forced to return to the slightly ridiculous looking and uncomfortable elastic headband/ribbon method while I decide on a new brand (or perhaps a different model) to try.

Rating: 3/5
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