Halloween Streaming Guide - 2018

Sunday, October 21, 2018

In the past, I have done several lists of movies that I think are great to watch to celebrate Halloween. However, I realize that my tastes are different from many of you so this year I have decided to create what I am going to call a streaming guide for anyone who wants to binge watch films in the horror genre. Please keep in mind that the offerings available on the services I mention below will change over time (so even though they may be packed with options now...that may change as different holidays approach). Also keep in mind that this is focused on places I think are great for Halloween...it is not a complete streaming guide to all the services out there...so yeah, not every service is going to be listed.


One of the three most obvious choices for streaming, Hulu is especially good for those who want to binge horror/spooky related tv shows. With offerings such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Outer Limits, Dark Shadows, The Twilight Zone, and Fear the Walking Dead, there is bound to be something that interests you. I've also heard good things about their original content, including the newly released Light As a Feather. Hulu is also a wonderful place for horror-themed anime (Death Note, Hellsing, Another, Parasyte, High School of the Dead...etc) and several classic (new and old) horror flicks (Rec 1-4, Poltergeist 2, Hills Have Eyes...etc).

Hulu Halloween Page


Part two of the obvious choices, Netflix, like Hulu, has several options for tv shows, films, anime, and original content. However, what I personally love about Netflix is their selection of foreign horror. 


I used to consider Crackle to be an extremely underrated streaming service until Sony took over. The service is now incredibly glitchy and I honestly would not recommend it to anyone...however Crackle is the easiest place to watch the English dubbed version of Ghost Stories. They also happen to have Ghost Busters 1-2 right now so...

Film Rise

A free service that currently has a random selection of 262 horror movies.

Pluto TV

This is one of my favorite streaming services regardless of the time of year. It is a free service that feels like regular tv (so yes, there are commercials) and has the additional option of on-demand films. A few of the films in the on-demand option include Battle Royale, Hellraiser 1-2, multiple movies from the Leprechaun franchise, and the Cube trilogy. They also have several channels that feature horror films and spooky programming all day long (Horror 24/7, The Asylum), a channel dedicated to the classic Unsolved Mysteries and depending on the time of day, you can catch the animated Tales of the Cryptkeeper on After School Cartoons.

Tubi TV

Another free service, they have over 1000 options in the horror category as of this post. They have several of my all-time favorites (Nightbreed, Ginger Snaps 2-3, Frontier(s), and May) and many films starring the likes of Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, and Bela Lugosi. Also included are essential films Nosferatu, The Cabinet of Dr. Calligari, and Night of the Living Dead and Japanese classics like Ju-On. I definitely consider Tubi to be one of the best options for Halloween movie night, especially if you are on a budget.


If you are a huge fan of horror and you somehow have not heard of this service...well...here ya go. Shudder is (as far as I know) the only streaming service dedicated to all things spooky. It is the best source for all of your favorites and features many hidden gems as well. However, if you are interested in signing up...check out the last service on this list first.

Shudder Halloween Collection


I consider this to be the best streaming service for nerds of all types. Unlike the others mentioned, VRV is a package of multiple services combined. A subscription to VRV includes the previously mentioned Shudder, Cartoon Hangover, Crunchyroll, CuriosityStream, DramaFever, Funimation, Geek & Sundry, Mondo, Nerdist, NickSplat, Rooster Teeth, and VRV Select, all on one platform. Most of these services include multiple options that would be perfect for Halloween (I'm most excited about NickSplat having Are You Afraid of the Dark?). PLUS, they do have several free options...if you don't want to subscribe.

Well, there ya go. These are my picks for the best services to use for Halloween streaming. What will you be watching on October 31st?