Folger's 1850 Trailblazer Ground Coffee - Product Review

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

I received a sample of this product to try in exchange for a review.

So, I don’t like coffee. I love the smell, but I have never liked the taste. That is, until a couple of years ago when a service I was subscribed to included a sample of Cafe Bustelo. Anyone who knows anything about me knows how in love with Cafe Bustelo I am. Since then, I have tried several of the big brands (Maxwell House, Folgers, Starbucks..etc) and the only thing I found that I like as much as Cafe Bustelo has been a brand called Pilon...which is essentially just Cafe Bustelo in a different package. I know this probably feels like I am rambling and fangirling over the one coffee I like, but I feel like it is necessary to know how little I know about coffee. I don’t know how to properly describe the taste, so this not that great.

1850 is the new offering by the classic coffee company Folgers. When given the opportunity to give it a  try, I randomly picked the option Trailblazer without knowing what any of the options meant. I now know that the difference is the roast of the coffee (Trailblazer being a medium-dark roast). I prepared the sample the same way that I prepare my normal coffee ( I promise I won’t mention the name again.).   The smell was exactly what I expected for a coffee made by Folgers. It is that classic, nostalgic coffee smell. The taste surprised me and the only way I know to describe it is that it reminded me of a coffee flavored candy I have had in the past. There was a smokiness to it and it tasted very smooth. (Do people describe coffee this way?) Overall, I really enjoyed it and I think over time I may convince myself to try the other roasts. It definitely means that I now have a different coffee when I want something other than my usual choice.

Rating: 4/5