DayClear Allergy Relief - PinchMe Review

Monday, May 28, 2018

Unlike anything else on the market, DayClear® Allergy Relief delivers completely clear, liquid-fast relief when you need it most. This multi-symptom allergy formula is right for those who suffer from mild to severe allergy symptoms and want relief fast. With two powerful and effective active ingredients, you can experience clarity from miserable allergy symptoms for up to 8 hours. DayClear® Allergy Relief provides relief from sneezing, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, itchy nose and throat, and cough. (Pinchme)

Active Ingredients:
Chlophedianol HCI - 25 mg (Cough Suppressant)
Pyrilamine Maleate - 50 mg (Antihistamine)

Additional Information:
Contains no dye, sugar, alcohol, or gluten.
Lasts up to 8 hours

The sample I received in my most recent pinchme box was for their one dose bottles, which is a bit bigger than your average energy shot. The smell reminded me of an organic cleaner I have used in the past, which led to me putting off trying this out for several days. The clear liquid is incredibly deceiving, tricking your brain into thinking it will taste of nothing or at that very most, chemically. However, it does indeed have a flavor and I despised it. The watered-down chemically berry flavor tasted absolutely disgusting and left a weird, salty aftertaste that lingered even after eating and brushing my teeth later.
Regardless of this horrible start, I did find myself impressed. Within twenty minutes, I noticed a huge difference when it came to sinus congestion and the need to cough. It did a decent job of stopping my runny nose and I actually liked how it did not completely dry everything out, like several other options I have used previously have done. It did not make me drowsy either, which was something I was worried about. Ultimately, I do not think I would use it as a regular allergy medication. The process of getting it down is just too rough for me. However, I do see myself using it in emergency situations when I needed fast relief and was out of my usual brand.

Rating: 4/5
Buy: DayClear (official site) Amazon, Walmart, CVS

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