Clairol nice'n easy Permanent Hair Color - Product Review

Thursday, April 5, 2018

"Our breakthrough Color Care permanent creme has conditioners built into every step. It gives you 100% gray coverage with real natural looking tones & highlights while being kind to your hair. What's better? It's nice'n easy."

Clairol's "new & improved" formula for nice'n easy hair claims to be allergy gentle and to have a non-drip mixture. This new formula also comes with a floral scent, that upon smelling on the scratch and sniff coupon I received from, had me worried that it would be overwhelming. I was also left a little weary after trying another product a couple months ago. Thankfully though, this experience was a million times better.
What's in the box.
The first thing I really appreciated was the quality of the gloves included in the kit. They are not the best I have used but compared to a good portion of the cheaper box kits, they were wonderful. They did not tear and there was no leakage into the gloves. They also fit me pretty well which is something I struggle with. (I have small chubby hands) Everything was easy to open and mix and I had plenty of product for my hair (shoulder length). The floral scent is actually quite nice and wasn't too strong. It reminded me of a mix of roses and gardenias. However, the star of this hair color kit is definitely the color seal conditioner. It smells absolutely delicious! I used color 2 Black and the results were exactly what I was expecting (yay!). After three washes, the color was still as strong as after I had first used this product. Over the past month, the color has slowly lost intensity and I am just now beginning to notice my roots showing up and some greys popping through, so the longevity is about average in comparison to others I have used.
I started with dark brown.

So, would I use/buy this product again?

Rating: 4/5
Buy: Clairol, Walmart, Target