Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Coverage Nourishing Color Creme - Product Review

Monday, January 22, 2018

I received this product in a Voxbox from Influenster in exchange for an honest review.
The timing of my invite for this campaign was perfect as I was just about to color my hair and I was super excited to have the opportunity to try something new (my normal brand is Revlon). I had no doubts that Garnier’s Nutrisse Ultra Coverage Nourishing Color Creme would work, giving me the results I had planned on and assumed that my review would focus more on the ease of the process and how much damage occurred. However, I was wrong.
So, the first thing I noticed while in the process of coloring my hair was that the smell was super intense. Again, my normal choice is Revlon’s Colorsilk which is ammonia free, so that may be part of the reason it was strong in comparison. I also struggled a bit with the nourishing color creme container. The product just did not want to come out. After everything was mixed though, things went as they normally do. I had more than enough product to cover all of my hair (shoulder length) and I was actually quite impressed with how quickly and easily it rinsed out.
The lighting is a little different in each picture.
The before is during the day with lights on, day
one after is at night with lights on, and day 11 is in
natural light during the day. The first image shows
my natural dark reddish brown hair, image two
shows the soft black, and image three shows the now
brown-black it has become.
My initial feelings about the results were positive. My hair felt soft and it did not look like the process had damaged it too much. The color was a very nice, natural black that covered all of my greys perfectly. I was still annoyed with the smell though, as it just kept lingering, even after shampooing it a few days later. Then, after washing my hair for the second time after coloring it, I began to feel a little disappointed.
In a short time span, my hair had gone from the soft, natural looking, black that the box promised to a very dark brown. I also began to notice that some of my greys had turned red. I have never had fading like this happen so quickly and as of right now, not even a full month after coloring my hair with this product, my hair is just a bit darker than my natural color. It seems to be affecting my roots the most, so I think it may be possible that my hair just didn’t take to this hair color. I do not hate the current shade  (it actually looks very pretty) and it does look pretty close to the color result on the side of the box. However, I was expecting a darker shade, similar to what I usually use, so I am unsure if I would use this product again. I would say though, that if you have stubborn greys and you are looking for a way to cover them with natural looking results, this would probably do the job for you. However, if you want to cover your greys and have BLACK hair (not brown-black), I would recommend a different brand or a darker shade (they also have a jet black and blue-black that I may consider trying out).
For comparison purposes, the top of the Garnier Nutrisse box,
and the top of my regular color from Revlon. Both are soft
Just to quickly summarize, it works. It does cover greys pretty well, and the color is nice. My complaints have to do with how quickly it seems to be fading and overall it just was not what I was expecting.

It is about a month after using this product, and this PERMANENT hair color has almost completely washed out. I will not be using this product (in any shade) in the future.

Rating: 2/5
Buy: Garnier, Amazon, Walmart