Epielle Hydrating Socks - Product Review

Monday, August 21, 2017

Epielle's Hydrating Socks claims to relieve dry and rough skin. Do they? Let's find out.


I prefer to stay barefoot as much as possible, so my feet are usually very dry. I have been searching for something that could help with this problem for a long time now, and it seems that search is still not over. 
The socks are plastic with a very thin cotton lining. Inside of the socks is a small amount of the "hydrating" cream. This is the source of my main complaint about the product. The amount of product just is not enough to really do much unless you use a pair every single day and do not have feet as dry as mine. However, compared to another pair that I tried that had a "hydrating oil" instead of the cream, these did a much better job and I think it is a decent product if you are wanting a bit of pampering (even if the effects do not last very long).

Sarah's Rating: 3/5


I am someone who likes to take one night out of the month to indulge in various small spa-inspired products meant to refresh and pamper. So when I spotted these socks on the shelf while shopping I didn't waste much time grabbing a pair of each formula to try. And honestly... they were okay. The amount of lotion inside is just a drop no larger in diameter than a nickle. It took a lot of manipulating to spread it out over my whole foot, but once that was done it felt okay. The sock itself is surprisingly durable and I found that even after rubbing my feet together for a while, the stickers were still holding up.  I found the size to be adequate for my size 8 foot, and the material wasn't scratchy or irritating at all. As far as moisturizing goes, these are not anything to shout about. I have normal to dry skin and I actually had to leave them on over the whole night to get any significant results. I did decide to purchase more of them because they are better than normal lotion by itself and they fit in well with my monthly routine. They are also really fun to walk in.

Alishia's Rating: 3/5

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