Daily Burn - Site Review

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Daily Burn is essentially the Netflix or Hulu of workouts. I have been trying it out and this is what I feel about the service.

 Regardless of what level of workout you need, they have it. Their range of programs goes from beginner to advanced, from slow pacing to fast, and from short to long workouts. It does not matter if you exercise regularly and consider yourself to be an athlete or if you are out of shape and just starting out, they have something for you. If all you have ten minutes, that is fine, they have something for you. There are full programs dedicated to cardio, yoga, dance, pilates, and so much more. Did you start a program and decide it is not for you? That is fine. You can easily try/change to another or just pick a random video from their library. The trainers are all wonderful and incredibly motivating and I have yet to find one that makes me feel bad or guilty (which is something I have had a problem with). Their video player allows you to adjust the quality easily (auto, 240p-HD) and each video also has a nice timer so that you know exactly how long each move is and how long you have left in the workout.
I have been thoroughly enjoying the service and I keep finding myself looking forward to working out. I have to practically force myself to take rest days. Most of my experience has been with the Total Beginners program and I genuinely love how the participants in the background actually look like beginners. Most of the moves have alternates and someone showing that alternate version, which is especially useful for individuals that have dealt with injuries or have weaknesses in certain parts of their body. I have also tried out several of the other programs and I look forward to incorporating them more in the future. I believe it would be extremely difficult to become bored thanks to the variety they offer.
The negatives I have experienced mostly have to do with site design and the price of the subscription. I wish the sidebar was a bit more streamlined. Currently, it feels a tad clunky and I wish account settings were displayed in a more obvious way. With the plans themselves, I wish there was a lite option that was cheaper. An option to only have access to a very limited selection of the library or only one plan at a time would make sense to me.

Daily Burn plans:

The basic plan gives you access to all of the workout programs, recipes, nutrition plans, the Daily Burn community and a daily 365 workout. You can choose to pay monthly ($14.95) or annually ($125.95). The premium plan includes all of that with the addition of having access to the entire 365 workout library and "exclusive access to new features and content". Monthly, the premium plan is $26.95 and $205.95 annually. They also have an additional option to add a personal coach for an extra $50 per month. They offer a 30-day free trial that lets you have access to the majority of these benefits.

Rating: 4.5/5
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