PRISTIN - HI! PRISTIN - Music Review

Friday, March 31, 2017

HI! PRISTIN is PRISTIN's first mini-album.

Tracks & Individual Ratings:

1. Be The Star - 4/5
2. Wee Woo - 4/5
3. Black Widow - 3.5/5
4. Running - 4/5
5. Over N Over - 4/5
6. We - 4/5

It does not happen very often, but I found myself unexpectedly impressed with PRISTIN's debut. Throughout their first mini-album, they show many sides of themselves, proving right away that they are capable of much more than just the cutesy concept that seems to be trendy right now. The only song that I found myself disliking is "Black Widow". It seemed a little messy and disjointed to me. Large portions of the song are actually pretty good, but they are interrupted by parts that do not sound like they fit.  However, the harmonies featured on "Over N Over" are absolutely beautiful and "We" is probably one of the best closing songs I have heard in quite awhile. "Be the Star", "Wee Woo", and "Running" are all super catchy and fun songs I plan on having on repeat. Overall, PRISTINs' first official offering is a great release and should serve as an example for future rookie groups' debuts.

PRISTIN has managed something rather interesting. They have the packaging of a group like TWICE and the talent of a group like Red Velvet. I think they definitely have a bright future ahead of them.

Overall Rating: 3.9/5