SlimFast 100 Calorie Snacks (Peanut Butter Chocolate) - Product Review

Monday, February 6, 2017

SlimFast 100 Calorie Snacks are part of the three step SlimFast Plan. They claim to satisfy hunger between meals

I received a free sample of this product from PINCHme in exchange for an honest review. 

Most foods that are supposed to help you lose weight suffer from two things: they taste horrible and/or do not fill you up, so you are hungry just a few minutes after eating. Thankfully, this snack does not suffer from either of those problems. Upon opening the package I was pleased that they actually smelled the way that I expected them to. The peanut butter bites have a strong roasted peanut flavor that sinks into the chocolate bites a little bit. However, the two flavors balance each other out quite well. The chocolate used in this product reminded me of the chocolate coating on Pocky. Underneath a layer of chocolate or peanut butter is a hollow wafer that does not taste like much of anything. It does not look like you are eating much, but it does feel like a meal. I had this with some water about an hour before writing this review and I still feel full. Even though I have never been a big fan of this flavor combination, I actually enjoyed this snack.

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