Gugudan - Act. 2 Narcissus - Music Review

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Act. 2 Narcissus is the second mini-album released by South Korean girl group Gugudan.

Tracks & Individual Ratings:

1. Rainbow - 4/5
2. A Girl Like Me - 4/5
3. Hate You - 3/5
4. One Step Closer - 4/5
5. Make a Wish - 5/5
6. A Girl Like Me (Instrumental)

In my opinion, this is one of the best albums released by a girl group so far this year. The vocals are absolutely gorgeous, especially on "Make a Wish". Most of the songs have a 90's pop feeling to them. After several listens I still find myself unsure of how I feel about "Hate You". It comes off sounding a little messy and all over the place. My favorite track off the album right now is "Rainbow". It could have easily been the title track and part of me is really hoping that they do release a music video for it. Compared to Act. 1, Act. 2 is an incredible improvement and I am definitely looking forward to future releases now.

Overall rating: 4/5
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