Site Review: Hollar

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

"Hollar is the ultimate mobile destination for cool products at incredible deals starting at $2. Featuring thousands of items from toys and electronics to home, beauty and apparel – including unique curated gift and party collections – Hollar is all about the joy of discovery."

Hollar is an online store that sells items at a discount. When first browsing the site, some of the deals actually seem too good to be true. Over the past two months, I have ordered items from Hollar three times. Most of the items I have bought thus far have been half the price they were going for on other sites like Amazon. One of the items I got was originally $25 and I got it for $3. Everything I have ordered has arrived and been excellent quality. I love how the site is constantly adding new items, but it can also be a little frustrating at how quickly things sell out. The amount of time it takes for an order to process and be shipped also seems a bit random. My first order was sent out quickly, the second order took about a week, and the third once again was sent out quickly. My biggest complaint and concern is the shipping tape they use on their boxes. Every box I have received has been almost opened by the time it got to me. The tape is very weak and tears very easily. This could lead to items falling out of the box and being lost. If they upgrade the quality of their tape I would consider them a great site to order from.

I have finally received a box that arrived without being damaged and the issue with random shipping times seems to no longer be a problem.