Red Velvet Russian Roulette Music Review

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Russian Roulette is the third mini album released by Korean pop group Red Velvet.

Tracks & Individual Rating:
1. Russian Roulette 4/5
2. Lucky Girl 3/5
3. Bad Dracula 3/5
4. Sunny Afternoon 4/5
5. Fool 2/5
6. Some Love 4/5
7. My Dear 3/5

I have always thought of Red Velvet as the perfect combination of SNSD and f(x). They have almost everything that makes f(x) special with the glossiness of SNSD. For this mini album, they have pushed themselves closer to the f(x) side of the spectrum. However, most of the songs feel like they are lacking an extra spark of something that keeps them from being easily forgettable. The vocals are great, but certain members definitely outshine others in a way that is almost distracting. "Some Love" is my favorite track off of this album, but "Sunny Afternoon" and the title song "Russian Roulette" are also very good. Speaking of, the combination of the song and music video for "Russian Roulette" reminded me of Crayon Pop and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, which I thought was pretty cool.

Overal rating: 3.3/5
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I want to add that I am a little concerned about what direction Red Velvet may take in the future. As I mentioned above, they have a ton of similarities with their fellow label mates, SNSD and f(x). I think that unless they can figure out their own unique sound, they will never be given the attention I believe they deserve.