Jubilee Movie Review

Saturday, August 13, 2016

What is it about?
Queen Elizabeth I travels to late twentieth-century Britain to discover a tawdry and depressing landscape where life mostly seems aimless and is anyway held cheap. Three post-punk girls while away their vacuous existence as best they can, from time-to-time straying into murder to relieve the boredom. (IMDB)

What did I think?
In many ways, Jubilee is a more female-focused and dramatic version of A Clockwork Orange. The parts with Queen Elizabeth I felt out of place, and I believe that if you cut out all of those parts, the only thing you miss out on is Adam Ant's performance. The acting was good with the exception of a few overly dramatic moments. The characters were interesting, but you do not get to know all of them as well as I would have liked.


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