Cube Movie Review

Saturday, June 18, 2016

What is it about?

Cube is a math-heavy horror flick that was released in 1997. Six individuals find themselves locked in a massive cube maze and attempt to find the way out using the power of math and boots.

What did I think?

Overall this is a rather enjoyable film. It has moments where it feels like it is taking itself way too seriously though. Over the course of the movie, you see some of the characters slowly become more and more paranoid and distressed. The true natures of these people are exposed. I think that with the exception of some overacting this was wonderfully done. Maurice Dean Wint did a great job with Quentin.  My main problem (as spoiler free as I can put it) is why did they wait so long? They were just asking for trouble. I have seen too many horror films to be tricked into thinking everything was going to be okay.